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Linear - TANA Micro
  • Slim profile linear shelf light made to custom sizes with centred LED.
  • Choice of output: from 383 to 1588 lumens per metre with >90 CRI.
Accessories & Mounting
TMEC-01 (TANA Micro)
End cap pair (Includes screws) S/Steel finish
W3/H14mm (W0.12/H0.55")
TMEC-02* (TANA Micro)
End cap bracket pair (Includes screws) S/Steel finish * Not recommended for use on lengths over 1000mm
W14/H14mm (W0.55/H0.55")
TANA Micro 352
383lm/m (117lm/ft)
TANA Micro 504
≤ 1136lm/m (≤ 346lm/ft)
TANA Micro 508
≤ 1588lm/m (≤ 384lm/ft)
TANA Micro 207 (Dynamic White)

729lm/m (222lm/ft)
TANA Micro 208 (Dynamic White)

1567lm/m (478lm/ft)