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Hakata Light Up Walk & Light Asia 2018

Hakata Light Up Walk & Light Asia 2018

Monday November 12, 2018
KKDC recently sponsored “Light Asia (NPO)” which works to foster students, enhancing their general understanding of lighting through workshops. In order to achieve this goal, KKDC invited international designers and local students to cooperate in creating lighting designs.
This year, for Hakata Old Town Light Up Walk, five designers and approximately fifty students joined together and planned the lighting design for the Jotenji Temple. The workshop spanned four days from 27-30 of October 2018.

*More information can be found at Hakata Old Town Light Up Walk website: www.hakata-light.jp

Symposium Speakers: 
Florian Douet - Lighting designer from Douet Design Paris, France
Yon Choy - Lighting designer from ONE Lux New York, US
Adam Busby - Lighting designer from DPA London, UK
Luana Lampis - Lighting designer from AF Toscano Lugano, Switzerland
Tim Carr - Lighting designer from Arup Lighting Sydney, Australia