St Augustine's Church, Australia

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St Augustine's Church, Australia
Solicitud: Construcción de fachadas, Visualización de la imagen, Espacios públicos, Uplighting, Ventana revelar, Iluminación indirecta, Detalle arquitectonico
Ambiente: Publico, Interior
Productos usados: SEN Louvre CC 033 (Max rendimiento), PICO 504 (Medio rendimiento)
Rama: KKDC Sydney
Fecha: 2022-07-14

Lighting Design: Haron Robson

Saint Augustine's Catholic church was built in 1906 in the Federation Arts and Crafts style. The recently completed restoration of the vaulted ceiling and windows includes powerful SEN louvre supplied in a custom gold finish to blend in with the interior wall colours for dramatic 'window reveal' lighting, alongside custom length PICO wall lights to provide an understated, soft glow to the wall Arts.