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Tuesday May 14, 2019

Read about recent KKDC project in Premier Construction magazine APRIL/2019.

One of the key components of the new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey was the lighting, which was overseen by DHA Designs. DHA turned to KKDC for its TiMi 007 5000K luminaire used in the backlit stained glass displays. This particular product was chosen for its compact size and premium light quality to mimic daylight with high colour rendering properties. Matthew Barnes, KKDC Senior Project and Distribution Manager, said: “We were absolutely thrilled and proud to be part of the Westminster Abbey project. Projects like this are rare – a medieval gallery reopened to the public after more than 700 years, showcasing 300 unique treasures. Wow! It’s simply amazing.”

For more details, please visit our website www.kkdc.lighting and make contact with one of our KKDC representatives.