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General - new KOH 40-H
  • Professional suspended linear lighting system for DIRECT general lighting with 40mm wide luminous aperture for DIRECT and INDIRECT lighting.
  • Fully diffused, prismatic or dark light louvre cover options available for DIRECT lighting. Fully diffused/Prismatic covers available for INDIRECT lighting (Prismatic recommended for increased lumen efficacy).
  • Choice of 3 LED package types with integral power supply (Switched/1-10V/DALI).
  • Continuous lines of light possible with optional joining bars and suspension kit.
Accessories & Mounting
KKJT-04 (KOH 40-H)
Joining Bar/Suspension kit
(Allow 1 per join)
W20/H3000mm (W0.79/H118.11")
KKSW-09 (KOH 40-H)
Suspension Mounting Kit
(Allow 2 per metre/40")
Aluminium finish
W20/H3000mm (W0.79/H118.11")
KOH 40-H Full Spectrum

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KOH 40-H High CRI

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KOH 40-H High Power

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