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Linear - LiNi-M XL
  • Designed for full and uniform diffusion of the KK201 LEDmix RGBW strip within the new 180 degree viewable LiNi-M XL housing.
  • Switch or mix between dynamic RGB and any KKDC white colour temperature.
  • Concealed clip mounting or fix to a snap on cable channel.
Accessories & Mounting
KKCP-11 (LiNi-M XL)
Concealed clip (Allow 3 per metre) S/Steel finish
W22/H39.3mm (W0.87/H1.55")
KKCR-01 (LiNi-M XL)
KKCR-01-1000 1000mm KKCR-01-2000 2000mm KKCR-01-3000 3000mm Cable Raceway* Anodised aluminium finish * Cut & drilled to fit on site
W22/H47.7mm (W0.87/H1.88")
KKJT-02 (LiNi-M XL)
Joining bar*
(Allow 1 per join)
Anodised aluminium finish
* Mounting option required
with Joining bar
LiNi-M XL RGBW (Dynamic White)

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