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Linear - new Groove Light
  • Ultra-slim (6mm) linear accent marker for continuous, sharp light lines.
  • Designed for insetting into shopfittings, shelves, joinery and architectural features.
  • End to end diffusion for seamless extension.
  • Low glare output in a choice of colour temperatures or RGB.
Accessories & Mounting
KKCH-01* (Groove Light)
PVC channel (minimum 200mm PVC channel per 500mm of Groove Light) Black PVC finish *Specify length of channel in 1000mm increments (to be cut on site further as required)
White - W9/H30-38mm (W0.35/H1.18-1.5")
RGB - W9/H40-48mm (W0.35/H1.57-1.89")
KKCP-16 (Groove Light)
Clip (Allow 2 per metre) Anodised aluminium finish
White - W9/H30-40mm (W0.35/H1.18-1.57")
RGB - W9/H40-50mm (W0.35/H1.57-1.97")
KKLA-01 (Groove Light)
Groove Light-L accessory
2 x 300mm (12")
single tails, IP40 only
KKLA-01A (2700K HCRI)
KKLA-01K (2800K)
KKLA-01P (3000K HCRI)
KKLA-01C (3800K)
KKLA-01E (6500K)
W53/H53mm (W2.09/H2.09")
KKLA-02 (Groove Light)
Groove Light-X accessory
4 x 300mm (12")
single tails, IP40 only
KKLA-02A (2700K HCRI)
KKLA-02K (2800K)
KKLA-02P (3000K HCRI)
KKLA-02C (3800K)
KKLA-02E (6500K)
W100/H100mm (W3.94/H3.94")
Groove Light

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Groove Light IP67

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Groove Light RGB

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