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Linear - TiMi
  • TiMi is a robust compact aluminium housing for linear strips with a wide choice of colour temperatures, white colour mixes, single colour & RGB.
  • Upgraded housing with snap-in semi-diffused dust cover
  • Output options ranging from 408 to 1693 lumens per metre with high colour rendering index (>90)
Accessories & Mounting
KKCP-01 (TiMi)
Clip (Allow 3 per metre) S/Steel finish
W11.8/H10.4mm (W0.46/H0.41")
KKCP-05 (TiMi)
For use with KKLN-01 Lens only Lens Lock clip (Allow 3 per metre) Clear polycarbonate finish
W15.6/H24mm (W0.61/H0.94")
KKCP-13 (TiMi)
Lock clip (Allow 2 per metre) S/Steel finish
W10.8/H14.5mm (W0.43/H0.57")
KKLN-01D (TiMi)
14 Deg beam angle lens accessory TiMi factory fitted in lower position Co-extruded PMMA W12.8/H20.4mm (W0.5/H0.8")
KKLN-01U (TiMi)
36 Deg beam angle lens accessory TiMi factory fitted in upper position Co-extruded PMMA
W12.8/H20.4mm (W0.5/H0.8")
TiMi 352

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TiMi 007

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TiMi 504

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TiMi 508

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TiMi 207 (Dynamic White)

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TiMi 208 (Dynamic White)

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