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Linear - TiMi-C
  • TiMi-C housing features the new 4-Channel RGBW LED strip for blending of RGB & choice of white colour temperatures.
  • TiMi-C is also available for use with standard LED strips where the cylindrical housing style and rotational angle fixing clips and cover is required.
Accessories & Mounting
TCFC-01 (TiMi-C)
(Allow 2 per 500mm/20")
Clear plastic finish
W17.1/H18.8mm (W0.67/H0.74")
TCMS-01 (TiMi-C)
Magnet fixing set (Allow 2 per 500mm) Aluminium/Steel finish
W14.8/H13.8mm (W0.58/H0.54")
TiMi-C 352

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TiMi-C 007

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TiMi-C 504

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TiMi-C 508

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TiMi-C 207 (Dynamic White)

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TiMi-C 208 (Dynamic White)

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