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Linear - Power Cove
  • Compact, linear solution featuring KK512 high power LED source for interior ceiling coves and architectural detail.
  • Choice of mounting methods and snap-on cover optics including 30° linear lens.
Accessories & Mounting
KKBK-05 (Power Cove)
Adjustable bracket
(Allow 2 per metre/40")
Stainless steel finish
W20.4/H40.1mm (W0.8/H1.58")
KKBK-22* (Power Cove)
Adjustable end cap bracket
(Allow 2 per length)
Stainless steel finish
* Not recommended for use on lengths over 1500mm (60")
W40/H30.5mm (W1.57/H1.2")
KKCP-11 (Power Cove)
Concealed clip
(Allow 3 per metre/40")
Stainless steel finish
W20.4/H23.3mm (W0.8/H0.92")
Power Cove 512

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