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darc night

darc night

Thursday October 01, 2015

We were proud sponsors of the first annual darc awards event in partnership with DPA Lighting Consultants, to create the dynamic Light Tunnel experience.

DPA Design Vision

“Light is our guide. Light assists when darkness falls. But what if light were a barrier? An obstruction? Enter the Light Tunnel, where you must find your own way.

Light Tunnel creates the illusion of a seemingly impassable route, through a series of full height lit vertical lines placed carefully so the user perceive a barrier that would prohibit them from travelling through. The use of mirrors to the ceiling, walls and the edges of the lit profiles provide infinite inter-reflections, extending reality and the sense of obstruction, so the user will have to discover the pre-defined passage. Dynamic control of the installation will alter the appearance of the Light Tunnel, ensuring the user will continually explore to find their way View from within installation, with the mirrored surfaces multiplying the visual effect and blurring all visual boundaries.

The installation used homogenously illuminated double faced RGB & TUNABLE WHITE linear LED modules complete with mirrored side facias. Each light element was installed at full height floor to ceiling within a secondary tunnel structure designed to conceal the existing building fabric, complete with a mirrored ceiling along the entire length of the tunnel.”

The darc awards event is a unique concept utilising Mondo*ARC and darc magazine’ reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publication in the world.

KKDC would like to thank all involved for creating such an enjoyable and successful evening.