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KKDC n-Line Promotional Lamp

KKDC n-Line Promotional Lamp

Thursday November 16, 2017
Designed by KKDC Design House, the KKDC Desk lamp has been produced to promote both the release of KKDC’s new ‘n-line’ LED technology and coincide with our new Catalogue 3.0 launch

Constructed from tough HPL plywood in a Matt white finish, the simple aesthetic form can grace any desk with a gentle, reflected light and functioning pencil holder.

The lamp is designed to double as a Catalogue holder for Catalogue 3.0, which has a 2-tone white dot-patterned cover, used to demonstrate the comparable light qualities of n-line and s-line LED strips - With both strip types integral to the lamp and separately switched.

There is a limited quantity of n-line Desk lamps available for purchase, should you wish to inquire or request n-line demonstration, please contact your local KKDC representative.