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Light Asia 2019

Light Asia 2019

Monday November 25, 2019
KKDC was honoured to be the main sponsor of ‘2019 Light Asia’ held in Tong Ji University, Shanghai, China from 8-10th of November 2019.
This is an annual event operated by Light Asia organization (NPO) to enhance general understanding of lighting to students through workshops mentored by invited international lighting designers.

Thanks to all invited global lighting designers and 80 students from 4 different universities: Tong Ji University; Fudan University; Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China East Normal University. 

Invited Lighting designers:
Alison Loader – Senior Lighting Designer from Electrolight, Australia 
Miki Matsushita – Founder of Miki Matsushita Lighting Design, Japan
Marinella Patetta - Co-founder of Metis Lighting, Italy
Graham Rollins – Associate from Lighting Design International, United Kingdom
Xin Tian – Managing Director of BPI China, China
Cherry Wang - Senior Lighting Designer from Arup, China