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n-line: Full Spectrum LED

n-line: Full Spectrum LED

Monday May 21, 2018

KKDC are pleased to introduce new range of LED. n-line

Full Spectrum LED

Emitting light across the entire visible spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

Rendering Natural Colours

Allowing objects to appear as they would naturally under daylight.

Illuminating White

Render white tones, and soft hues more accurately due to the violet content of the light.

Making white look brighter and more vibrant – violet content of light removes the yellow/warm appearance that whites and soft hues often take on under LED lighting.

The Science of n-line

Creating light by using Violet and blue based LED chips means light is being generated across the full visible spectrum. In normal Blue based LED lighting, there is no light emitted within the violet spectrum (below 430nm).

Emission of violet light (380nm – 430nm) means that light is now interacting with ‘optical brightening agents’ (OBAs) or ‘fluorescent brightening agents’ (FBAs). These are chemicals that absorb ultraviolet and violet light and re-emit the light with a longer wavelength. This process greatly affects the rendering of whites and soft hues.

OBAs and FBAs can be found naturally in objects such as flowers, eyes and teeth, or generated artificially and added to objects such as fabrics, papers and cosmetics to purposefully affect the appearance of objects under certain lighting

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