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NEW KKDC Showroom, Kyoto Japan

NEW KKDC Showroom, Kyoto Japan

Monday March 29, 2021
We are pleased to announce a new KKDC showroom has been opened in Kyoto, Japan

This impressive new showroom features an array of KKDC architectural LED technologies alongside our new Italian Deco Lighting collections
Ca'Belli 4U | Siru | Adele-c

The following products were used in this project: KURV-Y White (Mid output), TiMi Glow 008 (Mid output), LiNi XL Spot Trimless Wallwasher 5T, LiNi XL Spot Recessed 5R Adjustable, LiNi-S XL 504 (Mid output), Groove Light White IP40/65 (Low output), KOH 40-H High power (Max output) KURV-X White (Low output)

KKDC Japan would like to acknowledge the following teams for their efforts in ensuring the successful completion of this project

Lighting Design: STYLE MA’TEC,. Ltd
Architect: FujiwaraMuro Architects
Builder: Yamada Construction Co. Ltd
Electrical Contractor: iTechnos