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Thursday November 12, 2015
KKDC will be publishing TM-30-15 data on spec sheets from early 2016.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) has produced TM-30-15 as a new method to evaluate the quality of a light source. This is done with the Fidelity index (Rf) and Gamut index (Rg) as well as colour vector graphics and CES chromaticity comparison graphics as quick visual aids to identify the fidelity of a light source in comparison to a reference.

TM-30-15 is superior to CRI by using 99 Colour Evaluation Samples (CES) to give 2 metrics (Rf and Rg) as well as graphical aids for hue and chroma changes, opposed to CRI’s 8 colour samples to produce the one CIE Ra result.

Product evaluation has started with TiMi 509 UltraCRI 3000K, the resulting data can be seen below.

Rf = 95
Rg = 103

Additional data:

CIE Ra = 98
R9 = 94
Rf, skin = 99
Duv = -0.0002