Lotte Department Store, Dongtan

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Lotte Department Store, Dongtan
Application: Building facades, Ceiling, Architectural detail
Environment: Retail, Interior, Exterior
Products Used: MiMi 504 (≤820lm/m 65lm/W), MoMo-L 508 (≤1040lm/m 60lm/W), Cluster PIXEL Dynamic white (Low output), SEN CV Indoor 035 (Max output)
Branch: KKDC R&D Centre, Seoul
Date: 2022-01-26

Lighting Design: Lumineux co.,LTD.
Supplier: DONG DO LMS co.,Ltd
Photography: YU Paik (백운열)

With around 500 fashion brands including Saint Laurent, Fendi and Balenciaga alongside beauty brands like Chanel Boutique, Dior and Gucci Beauty, the impressive modern Lotte Department Store in Dongtan is the largest of its' kind in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The high-end furniture brands such as the Conran Shop as well as a cinema and a park makes it a great destination to visit. KKDC Korea is proud to be included in the lighting specification.

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