San José Airport

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San José Airport
Application: Backlighting & signage, Building facades, Cove lighting, Picture display, Special effect, Wall grazing
Environment: Public spaces, Interior
Products Used: TiMi-M 508 (≤1720lm/m 524lm/ft 98lm/W)
Branch: KKDC Italy
Date: 2021-10-07

Lighting Design: Luca Degano
Architect: Humans since 1982
Photography: John Janca

Humans since 1982, A million Times (San José), 2021.
Photo by: John Janca, Courtesy of Humans since 1982.
Collection of the City of San José Public Art Program

“A million Times (San José)” is the latest version of Humans since 1982’s clocks series, installed at Mineta San José Airport (USA), Terminal B. The original clock was chosen to express the usual airport feeling of waiting: the aim of the artwork is to give passengers the opportunity to stop by and actually reflect on the waiting experience. Enlightened by KKDC TiMi-M, “A million Times (San José)” is made of more than 150 clocks images moving in sync, showing time but also creating visual movements that enhance the concept of time passing.