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LED range upgrades

LED range upgrades

Wednesday July 26, 2023

With continued advancement in LED technology, output efficacy and performance the KKDC LED range has been refreshed with an all-new PCB line-up to maintain the highest quality colour consistency that KKDC is renowned for. The new lensed P030 mini power LED also provides more beam control and powerful output in a compact form with 'MOMO Power' housing.

In addition to the new A-line LED grade strips, the s-line and k-line LED grades have been upgraded with new LED packages and PCB boards, all featuring more tightly pitched arrays helping to eliminate undesirable spotting effects across the range, with and all-new RGBW strip adopting a side by side chip design.

For streamlining, the 'e-line' grade is now discontinued and there is a more intuitive LED naming structure applied where a 2 digit figure now denotes the W/m in most cases. Please refer to the tables as cross-comparison guide against our previous LED strips.