Darc Awards 2016

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Darc Awards 2016
Application: Effets spéciaux
Environnement: Expositions, Intérieur
Produits utilisés: FX 2 (le faible rendement)
Branche: KKDC England
Date: 2016-05-31

KKDC worked with the following lighting designers from LDI:
Alex (Senior Designer)
Emily (Lighting Designer
Nathan (Lighting Designer)
Charlotte Svenson (Senior Designer)
Cristina Escofet (Lighting Designer)
Ben Ferris (Senior Designer)
Gavril Papadiotis (Senior Designer)

Photography: Jeff Cottendon

For the 2016 Darc night awards event, official sponsor KKDC UK were matched with Lighting Design International with the brief to design and produce a ‘lighting installation’ to be exhibited at the event and awards ceremony. The only restrictions of the brief being that the installation had to be contained within a ‘cube’ scaffolding structure of 2.5 metres square.