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Fabbrica del Vapore, NEKKIDA Launch Event

Fabbrica del Vapore, NEKKIDA Launch Event

Friday April 26, 2024
Lisa Marchesi Studio and KKDC collaborate for Milan Design Week 2024 at the Fabbrica del Vapore location, hosting 'Up To – Up to which point we can push ourselves?' exhibition. An art show managed by non-profit organization 'DcomeDesign', aiming to support female creativity.
Alongside the other women who joined the exhibition, there was Lisa Marchesi, a Milanese lighting designer whose Studio claimed a place in the industry thanks to its projects with clients such as Moynat, Berluti, Giorgio Armani, FAI, Skira and several others.
Launched at the 'Up To' event, Lisa Marchesi designed a brand new lamp developed and manufactured by KKDC called NEKKIDA, meaning "feeling, sensation" in Korean.
The sensorial floor lamp was made to generate an immersive, sensory experience for the user at first through light and then through sound, scent and touch. With CASAMBI technology, users can adjust light intensity, colour temperature, and fragrance diffusion to create their desired ambiance with preferred music.
The NEKKIDA space at the Milan Design Week exhibition also featured two iconic furniture pieces by Alma Design: 2525 and Amarcord.
Founded in 2007, Alma Design is a family-driven enterprise led by a mother and her two daughters who mixed Italian artisanship heritage and women natural strength to create unique products, praised all over the world.

A special thank you goes to Ying Huang, co-founder of Dà Strategy, for making the collaboration with ALMA Design possible.

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