Milan Duomo Museum

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Milan Duomo Museum
Application: Cabinet et meubles, Vitrine, Espaces publics
Environnement: Publique, Musée & galeries, Intérieur
Produits utilisés: TiMi Glow 008 (moyen rendement)
Branche: KKDC Italy
Date: 2022-04-08

Lighting Design: Ferrara & Palladino Studio

The Museum of the Duomo of Milan is the place that treasures all the sculptures and artwork related to the landmark Milan Cathedral.

Located on the Royal Palace ground floor, the museum first opening took place in 1953 with an installation by Ugo Nebbia, in 1974 with Ernesto Brivio designing the new installation and it finally reopened in 2013 with an installation curated by Guido Canali. 

The aim of the Museum is to help visitors learn and understand more of the history of the considered monument and the incredible work that led to the creation of the Duomo Cathedral.

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